Rough Carpentry Framing

Furnish all labor, permits, equipment, supervision, services, labor, taxes, insurance, licenses, and any other related cost necessary for a complete execution of all Rough Carpentry Framing,all in its entirety and in strict accordance with the Contract Documents in strict compliance with the requirements of all Federal, State and Local governing authorities.

1. The general quality of work and performance thereof shall meet the complete satisfaction of CONTRACTOR, Owner and Architect, and at all times complies with Federal, State, Local and County Building Codes.

2. AWS CONTRACTORS foreman shall inspect the building with CONTRACTOR Jobsite Superintendent prior to acceptance, and they shall create a punch list as directed by CONTRACTOR. AWS CONTRACTORS shall commence with the timely correction of all punch list items.

3. AWS CONTRACTORS will included all labor to install all walls, blocking, bracing, wall sheathing, plates, roof truss, siding, truss bracing both temporary and permanent, roof decking, conventional roof framing, sub-fascia, soffit blocking, blocking for plumbing, HVAC vent framing, attic accesses, and miscellaneous framing and punch out work as required by CONTRACTOR and per the Plans and Specifications to provide a complete framing scope of work for the project inclusive of, but not limited to, all complete assemblies.. Additionally, AWS CONTRACTORS will coordinate and replace studs or any material that has been removed for purposes of access by other trades.

4. AWS CONTRACTORS shall furnish and install all of the different types of fasteners required for the project. Further, AWS CONTRACTORS shall provide all labor for installing all Simpson anchors, Simpson truss connectors, Simpson SP-1 connectors, framing clips, hold downs, straps, glue, and all structural hardware as required by Architect, Structural Engineer, and Local governing authorities is included in this Subcontract Agreement.

5. All nailing patterns, fasteners, and/or fastening systems shall be in accordance with the Structural Engineering Plans and Architectural Drawings, or as required by governing authorities whichever is the more stringent.

6. AWS CONTRACTORS shall furnish lulls and cranes or any needed equipment including labor to unload, store, and move all materials and supplies related to its trade as directed by CONTRACTOR so as not to conflict or impact Schedule including exterior doors, sliders, and windows.

7. AWS CONTRACTORS shall use red concrete dye and permanent markers for all layouts of buildings on slab. All layouts shall be performed from the horizontal and vertical center of the slab and any discrepancies in measurements shall be immediately reported to CONTRACTOR.

8. All plate material in contact with concrete slabs shall be pressure treated.

9. AWS CONTRACTORS or its foreman will remain on the jobsite during normal working hours and shall provide adequate supervision to maintain production and quality control throughout the rough framing phase of construction and during the punch out work required prior to insulation and drywall applications.

10. AWS CONTRACTORS shall install all roof trusses and roof substrate in strict accordance with the CONTRACTOR directions, truss shop drawings, and structural plans including all bracing and truss-to-truss connections as required.

11. Framing will be free of bent or partially driven nails and all nails erroneously placed in any structure shall be promptly removed All nail guns shall be calibrated so as to completely drive the nails, at minimum, flush with the wood surface.

12. AWS CONTRACTORS shall make all joints in wood members clean, neat, and with full contact. AWS CONTRACTORS shall install all wood fascias where possible in one continuous piece.

13. AWS CONTRACTORS will furnish all nails and fasteners of any kind to install this scope of work.

14. AWS CONTRACTORS shall properly and promptly install blocking at all locations as directed by CONTRACTOR.

15. AWS CONTRACTORS will remove or straighten all framing to ultimately provide services with no more than one-eighth inch variation in a nine-foot plane.

16. AWS CONTRACTORS shall install framing to the degree that all “substrates” are correctly and completely in place for the siding and exterior trim. This shall include the framing of all gable end walls to be a maximum of twelve inches on center spacing.

17. AWS CONTRACTORS shall run all sub-fascias “string line true”.

18. AWS CONTRACTORS shall frame and install all attic scuttle holes where required.

19. AWS CONTRACTORS shall cull all material prior to installation, which is warped, split, or otherwise damaged. AWS CONTRACTORS shall also take care not to split or otherwise damage any material during his installation process.

20. AWS CONTRACTORS shall unload, store on-site, and install all roof trusses, and framing lumber in a method approved by the manufacturers of each product. AWS CONTRACTORS shall further install all fill-ins to roof trusses. AWS CONTRACTORS shall also be responsible for any conventional framing required in roofs. AWS CONTRACTORS shall also install all truss clips, metal connectors and hangers in accordance with the rough hardware manufacturer’s specifications at the locations set forth in the Plans. AWS CONTRACTORSshall further ensure that trusses are not cut during their installation; nor shall metal connectors be damaged. AWS CONTRACTORS shall coordinate with inter-related trades to ensure that necessary access is allowed for their installations without damage being caused to the structural integrity of the system.

21. AWS CONTRACTORS shall inspect and repair any damaged or delaminated roof sheathing prior to the installation of felt paper and shingles.

22. All lumber material stored on-site shall be placed at locations designated by CONTRACTOR Jobsite Superintendent. AWS CONTRACTORS shall provide all labor as necessary to ensure that these materials are kept neatly stacked and covered.

23. AWS CONTRACTORS will install all backing necessary for handicap requirements including backing and blocking necessary for future handicap requirements.